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Shark Island Crazy Eights / Fire In The House


Shark Island blow the roof off with these latest singles. Already intrigued by the titles, I went into this with excitement and an open mind. What the band proceed to offer is a brilliantly immersive blues-rock experience, with a hint of gravel and grunge, that effectively seeks to embrace even the most stubborn of classic rock fans.

Crazy Eights is beautiful – powerful and infectious in a classic rock and roll fashion, yet stylish and secure enough in its own methods to pour through with a definite level of character and intention.

First you get those riffs, this explosion of power chords, rhythm and melody. Then you get that vocal, born to perform and undeniably connected to the lyrics and energy at play. Then you get the song itself, the structure and the rise up, elements of electronic rock intertwining with a chorus of vocals that cascade around you for the big finish.

The whole journey provides a sort of gorgeously organised hit of chaos – heavy and energizing when you play it at volume, yet concise and simple enough melodically and riff-wise to quickly leave a mark. Then within this, the story-telling proves authentically original – the final calling card of a band worth knowing about. Contemplating lifestyles and the effect of other people and relationships runs wild throughout, connecting on a deeper level than most modern rock songs, yet also walking the line well between poetic vagueness and personal emotional reflection.

Also emerging as a further teaser for their upcoming album, Fire In The House is equally impressive and anthem-like, skillfully crafted yet emotionally bold in its own unique way.

There’s an immediate sense of care and perhaps mellow reflection or even melancholy to this track. Though the sound is still very much Shark Island – those vocals, those riffs, that unity and passion as a band – this single really showcases a strength of songwriting that’s so often missing from modern rock. Crazy Eights had a similar effect, but the difference between these two really seals the deal.

Brilliant, two addictively good rock songs. A live show is a must and I look forward to the longer project.

Visit the band’s Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. As one of the guys responsible for this music 1) get out of our heads as you are literally using words to describe the songs that we used to describe our initial intent and 2) thank you. You’ve just imported me to do even better. A

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