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Shannon Shea Card Castle


Warm production lights up acoustic finger-style guitar and heavy yet mellow bass, as Shannon Shea introduces the folk contemplations and images of Card Castle.

Ultimately loaded with poetic references and metaphors, Card Castle backs this folk-pop arrangement with a softly theater-style vocal delivery – an approach that ties in well with the language and emotive escapism of the writing.

As the song proceeds to gather momentum and shine further light on its underlying intentions, the voice and lyrics draw you in closer still, and the meandering bass and further subtle twists in dynamic help secure that grip; a collaborative set-up brought to life by musicians found exclusively online.

Questions like “How do you fly when you’ve had broken wings?” resound with both familiarity and intrigue amidst the literary landscape supporting them.

Coming in at just past the four-minute mark, Card Castle offers both the calmness of an organic live band, and the complexity of a singer-songwriter exploring a concept that may take more than a few listens to connect with. As you take this on, however, that bridge between artist and audience grows stronger, and given the vagueness of these metaphors and ideas, it’s soon fairly easy to make the song your own – to attach it to a unique set of memories and experiences; as is the gift of music.

Single out June 30th – Pre-save Card Castle. Find Shannon Shea on Instagram & Twitter or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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