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Shani Everything


Shani sparkles in true summer fashion with this latest release. Emerging complete with a classically styled video and a retro soundscape, Everything fuses the best of yesteryear with a fresh vocal and a string of contemporary references; helping create a perfectly accessible vibe for mainstream music fans across the board.

Everything is a song that feels traditionally pop in some respects – the concept, the energy, the multiple-layers and the colourful aura in general. In other ways though, there are as many dashes of organic funk, and a few unexpected turns structurally, that help give it an air of originality. This includes certain moments in which the pace and energy fall away, laying bare a mellow, shoulder-swaying vibe, which suits the gentler presentation of Shani’s voice beautifully. During these moments, you also gather a clearer understanding of the lyrics, and this proves to be another selling point that’s just different enough to give the song further character.

Shani has done well with this one, her musical style tips its hat to the past but also remains relevantly crisp and clean enough to appeal to a modern audience. A fine balance and a job well done.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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