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Shamoon Khatri Dawn EP


Delicate design and composition of intriguing origins make up the sublime escapism and emotive depths of Shamoon Khatri’s EP Dawn.

We begin with the subtle yet striking build up of an atmospheric and rhythmically tribal title-track – fluidity of organic layers and rising intensity of synth creating both a vastness and intimacy that grips the listener.

As a cinematic creator of audio realms, Khatri more than delivers upon the promise of the idea of Dawn. The rising sun and the life and movement that accompany it prove aptly represented in the increasing layers and melodies; the humble introduction of new, calm yet awakening details and instruments. All the while, the beat tumbles on, and we stroll through valleys of possibility and uncertainty alike.

Born in Pakistan and backed by years of studying Contemporary, Jazz and Film Music in London, England, Khatri is a composer and producer with a uniquely contemplative and skillful degree of purpose to his work.

The EP Dawn continues to highlight this quality, offering more classical tones and a defiant brightness with The Fabric of Silence – along with an unmistakable melody that quickly weaves its way into your subconscious.

Professionalism is an essential trait in the instrumental music world, and Khatri’s journey so far has undoubtedly enforced that strength. He has composed for a multitude of films, adverts and documentaries, and has had music featured on International Television – from BBC World News to The History Channel and NHK World (Japan). His accolades somewhat precede him, but really it’s the integrity and blissful embrace of the music itself that speaks the loudest.

Completing the Dawn EP is yet another step away from predictability, for the modern rhythms and dreamlike intricacies, even mildly-warped threads of darkness, that make up The God Particle.

Ultimately immense in its dramatic reach and rhythmic appeal, The God Particle brings equal parts precision and passion to the forefront – a trait renowned throughout Shamoon Khatri’s repertoire. Despite the experience and knowledge of what’s required, a detectable core of humanity is crucial in building soundscapes that connect and move an audience. The three compositions of Dawn no doubt encapsulate this ability and balance in an unrivaled fashion.

The heart connects, the mind wanders, and the world lights up in favour of this serene unity of sounds and moments. A gentle yet stunning project – a real pleasure to lose yourself within for a while.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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