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Shamim A Broken Girl


Shamim speaks from a place of genuine experience on this latest single. A Broken Girl is an observational, story-telling song that talks of addiction and the control it has over people’s lives. As a survivor, Shamim is able to offer a balance between the third person narrative and a little more of the emotions and the thought processes that accompany a life under the thumb of addiction.

Musically the song is really impressive, the melody meanders in a longer form manner than most modern releases. This captivates much more effectively than shorter lines tend to do, particularly when there’s weight and truth to the content. In addition, as the intensity and passion increase, Shamim’s voice more than meets the requirements of the moment – there’s grit and soul to his performance, but always a level of tentativeness too; he almost whispers some lines, seemingly understanding the difficult situation and the fact that this is about a significant other and not directly about himself. There’s no anger, only desperation, care and longing. The whole thing is poignantly expressed and Shamim’s voice has some beautifully unique qualities to it.

Lyrically there’s not too much left to metaphor but the facts are the facts, the song leads with realness and the soundscape builds in a fitting, compelling way. Everything from the piano part to the beat, to the increasing energy, to the outro – it all holds close to the inherent values and ideas of the story. It paints a clear picture, and as a single this feels like an alternative pop ballad with an edge of something a little harder hitting.

The whole thing has been really well produced, the song’s hook hits with immense impact as the pace and the power pick up; as the drum rolls out and the music evolves. The quiet after the hook is entrancing, the latter half draws you in even more so following this contrast.

The best way to write and to create is from a place of authenticity and heart, and that’s what you get here. Shamim has a beautiful sound and a thoughtful way with writing.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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