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ShadowHood Transcend


ShadowHood’s approach to music is one that will most probably strike you as immediately refreshing, uniquely expressive, and easily recognisable for its unusual approach to story-telling and soundscape building.

Transcend is a powerfully immersive piece of music, sweeping the listener away on this entrancing wave of evolution and emotional progression. The song develops in a fitting way, letting each layer pave the way relevantly for the next – rising up higher and higher in every instance. This begins with a fairly familiar set-up – albeit with a well crafted and brilliantly crisp, professional bit of classical audio. Soon enough, the clarinet appears – the voice of the song and indeed of the story’s leading character. Behind this, the details are superb; each taking their time to step into the experience. There’s a lot more space involved than you may perhaps expect from an instrumental release, but this only gives you room to fully appreciate the intricacies and the strength of their presence.

When the beat hits, things take a further turn for the unexpected. What’s impressive about this though, is that despite every change being close to impossible to predict – it makes perfect sense once it hits. The song has these various drops and breakaways, these changing emotions from the hopeful to the uncertain – from the anticipation to the climax – and in every case, it’s both captivating and blissfully easy to escape into.

The overall vibe is a total pleasure to have play for you. As the intensity rises, the soundscape – the synths, the clarinet, the keys, the notes chosen, this exciting fusion of the organic and electronic worlds – everything responds in the most fitting and naturally connected way. It seems clever, authentic, skillful, and beautiful to witness. Easily worth adding to the long term playlist and undoubtedly an artist to look out for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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