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ShadowHood Lavender


Taking on the loving energy of Valentine’s Day to the greatest extent, this heartfelt release from ShadowHood is a classically romantic and beautifully poetic song – one that marks the occasion in a gorgeous way.

Lavender is a fairly minimalist piece of music and performance, a simple series of piano chords are accompanied by a soulfully meandering vocal that creates a sense of movement and rising emotion as the track progresses. Where the verses offer a simple jazz feel, the hook builds up to become more of a passionate pop-fusion peak. Then after this moment, the music grows brighter, more full – additional layers of instrumentation flicker into view; subtle but effective in reinforcing that central sentiment.

Brandon Crichfield’s leading voice on this single works perfectly – there’s a clear connection to the lyrics and to the way the melody allows these to pour through, so you feel that loving positivity as you listen. Furthermore, this poetic reference to lavender, and indeed the lyrics throughout the song, appears with a fine balance between intimacy and accessibility. It’s clearly a personal process, directed at a significant other, but as must be the way of a successful or popular love song – it’s been written in a manner that allows the listener to make it their own. These observations are vague and easily applied to multiple settings. This is why it works, it feels very real and honest, and the musical simplicity means that the voice and the concept are laid bare for the most part – further highlighting the strength of the songwriting and the genuine nature of the ideas within.

ShadowHood has written a classic and somewhat vintage-style song, one that’s refreshing to listen to right now – nothing fancy is needed, nothing unnecessary, no filler – just natural songwriting and musicianship. Worth a listen, particularly for those who are loved up this Valentine’s week.

Produced by Berklee College of Music alumni Andrew Andraos. Download or stream the song via DistroKid. Find & follow ShadowHood on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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