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Seth Hilary Jackson Sing It With Me!


Self-aware songs may well be the future, and Seth Hilary Jackson keeps things honest and upfront, as the aptly infectious Sing It With Me! emerges; purely for the fun of it.

Featuring a subtle touch of country swagger amidst a pop-rock set-up, the release proves both familiar and retro in its fusion of electronic keys and crisp guitars, vocals and rhythm.

The backdrop is simple, nostalgic even, and the leading voice has a certain accessibility about it – giving the song a gift-like feel, as if it’s been made for the listener, rather than just to elevate the name of the artist.

Seth’s voice has character, but it’s also humble, natural, recognisable yet easy to let play. It invites audience participation with ease – those lyric-free adlibs in particular urge you to get involved.

Writing songs because we love to write songs – that’s exactly how it should be, right? Sing It With Me! is catchy, likable, memorable, but more than this – it represents the passion and therapy of the artform; the embrace and escapism that sometimes only music can provide.

Whether making it or sharing it or simply enjoying it, music needs no other reason to exist than the sheer joy it brings. For all of these reasons, Sing It With Me! is well worth a listen this summer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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