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Seth Angerer KYNIKÓS


Further proving himself as an artist and musician categorically operating in a league of his own, Seth Angerer’s return this summer showcases yet another incredibly epic and powerful progressive metal journey that’s certain to blow the minds of even the most skeptical listeners.

Cascading around its audience with an impossibly skillful arrangement of chaos and culture, KYNIKÓS is a hugely provocative and thoughtful new composition that somehow yet again raises the bar further than it ever seemed possible. Nobody creates in the way that Seth Angerer does, and certainly not to this degree of professionalism. His creative flair runs wild yet still the stunning musicianship and sound design works hard to impress and captivate right the way through.

Never one to succumb to expectation, the half-way mark sees the composition reinvents itself entirely, becoming a sweet shuffle of a gypsy-jazz groove – spacious and upbeat, light and cheerful – just briefly, before the full-throttle rock weight from earlier returns to fuse beautifully with this notably Disney-like, classical edge of colour. A similar transition or level of evolution occurs once again towards the end, feeling slightly familiar now, and prompting you once again to consider the simple stupidities or ridiculousness of our lives.

Seth Angerer fuses colour and darkness insanely well, one of many qualities that are so recognisable and striking about his work. In this case in particular, the underlying intention of the song runs so deeply throughout the full artistic approach, that you find yourself lost within the experience and attempting to break down the details and connect with the core issues at work. As you do this, the piece succeeds in becoming all the more immersive, interesting, and unforgettable than it already was. It’s worth saying again – absolutely an artist you should know about.

“In a time where the topic of morality is quite explosive, it has become a trend for people to take a firm stand when it comes to large-scale social issues; including climate change, veganism and so on. To put it bluntly; saving the world is all the rage right now. However, we – in our nature as human beings – are not capable of saving anything.

Unlike every other mammal, we never even manage to establish an equilibrium when dealing with our surroundings. All we do is find a neat place to proliferate, where we stay until all the natural resources are gone. It is no wonder that our species has already been referred to as “a virus” in the Wachowski’s Matrix from 1999.”

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