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Sergio Gaetani Two Days From Detroit


Two Days From Detroit is a song that offers up a fresh look at indie rock. With a country or blues-rock twang, superb story telling, and a fresh concept, among many other things – this release is brilliant.

Throughout the close to five minutes long single, Sergio Gaetani exerts his artistic drive in a way that satisfies on a number of levels. First of all, the soundscape, the instrumentation – the music presents the perfect meeting between vintage, organic indie, and something a little more otherworldly or electronic. Secondly, the melody is stunning – the progression from the opening verse to the almighty power of the hook is on point. The hook is so simple, three notes for the most part, arranged in a classically appealing way yet performed with a touch of character, and recorded in an unexpected, exciting style. It’s effective because the songwriter knows how to write songs, and it’s interesting because it has managed to not sound like anything else around at the moment. That kind of balance is rare.

As a composer, Sergio Gaetani has undoubtedly paid close attention to detail when crafting this release. The intro is perfect, in my opinion – the instrumental moments step forward one by one, always appearing as crisp and characterful, pulling your attention in different directions, captivating you with simple yet hypnotic musicianship. Then on top of this, the singer’s leading voice arrives – soaked in reverb, a slightly distant sounding character, bringing within him a story that paints a clear picture and is loaded with imagery and emotion.

The verses are beautifully arranged, a Johnny Cash style of writing leads like a gorgeous pathway towards the climactic hook section. And it’s such a good hook. The words ride perfectly alongside of the rhythm of the melody, and this electronic interim between vocal parts makes for the ideal space within which you can really soak it up. This one will stay with you for quite some time after listening. Listen loud.

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