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Serge Bulat Third World River


After the success of his stunning album Queuelbum last year (the project went on to win an IMA for Best Electronic Album), the iconic artist Serge Bulat returns with a superb new soundscape and taster track for his upcoming EP Third World Walker. 

Third World River is another example of the sheer power of sound and music, particularly when executed creatively and thoughtfully to express certain ideas and emotions. The track is instantly hypnotic. To fully experience and appreciate the strength and detail of its beauty, you really need to take the time out of your day to witness it – the track and it’s accompanying video are truly the most effective when listened to intently, with volume, and with a clear mind.

The detail I’ve mentioned is hard to pinpoint at first, the music Serge creates is always of such a fluid and complete consistency, that the effect is to experience it as a single piece of art – a single moment of expression and feeling. However, when you continue to listen, delve a little deeper into the sound, let your mind not wander too far for a moment – the intricacy of the production, especially within this latest release, is out of this world.

The best way to enjoy the sound and get the most out of it is of course to let it play, let your concerns and the stresses of daily life wash away as the soundscape overwhelms you. However, as a reviewer, I’m compelled to comment on the fact that the reason this music is so effective, so brilliantly pristine and easy to escape to, is that Serge Bulat has an absolute thirst and skill for capturing the perfect sounds for each passing moment during the creative process. Third World River is a beautifully unique and refreshing meeting of music and visualisation.

Huge congratulations to Serge Bulat on the IMA for Best Electronic Album – a really well deserved achievement. The EP Third World Walker comes out Friday the 17th (February). Find and follow Serge Bulat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Click through to read our review of his 2016 award winning album Queuelbum

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