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Senses Reeling Some Small Control


Following on from their last album Time’s Still Now, the UK’s own Senses Reeling return with an equally thoughtful new single entitled Some Small Control.

Uniquely expressive, emotive and recognisable vocals start things up, lyrics taking the wheel from the outset as a subtle musical build-up slowly but surely accompanies this immersive and powerful release.

The vocals are beautiful, interesting yet mighty in their genuine connection to the subject matter. Underneath this, a fairly classic pop-set-up welcomes in subtle dashes of bass and rhythm, for a partly organic, live-set-ready kind of presentation.

Conceptually this is one for the tail-end of a tumultuous twelve months – overcoming the sense of lacking control, and taking back belief in that which we can impact and change; that which we do have control over.

The space between lyrical outpourings works well to reinforce each new idea – the rising vocal ahhs provide an uplifting instrumental break that allows the sentiments to really connect; and the mood, the feelings of the song, to really sink in.

Beautifully done, an interesting take on a familiar style, with a brilliant level of relevance to this particular year.

Download the music via Bandcamp or iTunes.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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