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Senses Reeling All Said and Done (EP)


The return of Senses Reeling this summer brings a four-track EP of humble intentions and vastly immersive output.

From intricate layers of organic instrumentation, through reverb-drenched arenas of dreamy depth, there’s equal parts delicacy and depth to All Said and Done, and the breathy and hypnotic Take Two introduces this journey well.

Utilising melody and structure as effectively as ever, the opening song proves instantly engaging as it progresses from a somewhat raw initial simplicity through rising layers of contemplation in both lyric and overall vibe.

Simplicity is a consistent strength, the repeating of certain ideas, the subtle passion of the delivery, and the surrounding arrangement – even in all of its occasionally apparent complexity of design – everything feels familiar yet relevant to the times; a core theme of the EP.

Featuring guitars, bass, vocals, rhythms, horns, synths, strings and a whole manner of thoughtfully incorporated detail, the project is uplifting yet provocative, with dashes of darkness or uncertainty ever so often interwoven. An example is the spoken-word theatrics and creative bass and retro keys of So What – a little Brit-pop-esque in its nostalgic minimalism, later melodically emo and all the more memorable in being so. Soon enough the fullness links back to the opener, as does the voice – these threads connect all of the artistic freedom of the EP, reminding us of the band, whilst maintaining intrigue and appeal that constantly lures you in more closely.

Everyday balances subtle melancholic references with upbeat progressions again, and At Least makes similar use of a joyful musical evolution as it vaguely reflects upon the self and one’s role within the world. The yesteryear rhythm and strings combination meets with again simple lines of melody and a somewhat quirky cinematic edge, as the track makes for an easy highlight – the perfect way to close down this uniquely expressive, interesting and authentically original project.

Grab the EP via Bandcamp. Check out Senses Reeling via Facebook & their Label.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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