seemingly ai - I don't know how far I can get when I am stuck in this state - Stereo Stickman

seemingly ai I don’t know how far I can get when I am stuck in this state


Skillfully fusing feelings of ambient calm with those a little more industrially energized, this single offers a dash of influence from the likes of Massive Attack – though with a hint of notably experimental, alternative creativity. It’s a quickly likable track, chaotic and unpredictable in some ways, but surprisingly smooth and calming in others.

The second time you hear this there seems to be a lot more to appreciate about it. Certain sounds and flickers of character and colour emerge from among the soundscape. The first time it feels like a more classic trip hop offering, so you let it play in the backdrop, the second time though there’s a whole lot of detail to be noticed. There’s personality in the process, there are layers of fascinating artistry, all subtle but all unexpected and almost impossible to trace. Meanwhile, this thick, almost hip hop-like beat keeps things mellow yet always moving.

The ambiance starts to evolve after a while, a level of melody appears, some accessible humanity in the form of a voice and certain lyrical ideas. That Massive Attack thread is strong in this respect – these whispered sentiments settle in beautifully among the ongoing wave of audio. Though there are many elements that would supposedly create a sense of manic energy or hype, the whole thing doesn’t hit with weight – it just trickles through, it has an easy going flow to it, and thus it’s a pleasure to let play.

I’d be keen to hear a longer project from seemingly ai as this is precisely the kind of originality and electronic escapism that works wonders for a listener at the end of a long week. Originality isn’t an easily attainable thing these days, at least not the sort that’s enjoyable and effective. You get all of that at once with this release.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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