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Second Hand Mojo After Midnight. The EP.


Storming into 2020 with an unwavering love for classic rock and roll, Second Hand Mojo combine seductive rock groves with powerful, satisfying songwriting, delivering an EP that’s a total joy to let play at volume.

From the opening anthem that is Call Me, the band adopt the simple observational and personally relevant writing style from the dawn of the stage-rock style. Their storytelling weaves relatable scenes and sentiments around you, and meanwhile – these perfectly suited, raspy and expressive vocals seem born to perform in this setting.

Expect plenty of smooth blues-rock riffs throughout this project. Expect specific moments in time to be told through story-style verses, resolving in every case with a quickly uplifting chorus that begs for you to join in. After Midnight in particular is all of this. Effectively blending the energy and colour of classic rock and roll, with a hint of Americana and the occasional deeply personal reference, the music lays bare a band who make the music that matters to them, and this realness shines beautifully throughout.

All About You follows with an unexpected drop to melancholic piano and soulful guitar. A welcomed moment of shoulder-swaying reflection, intimacy and quiet, which allows the poetic, loving lyrics, and the subtle qualities of that leading voice, to really stand tall. A well-placed driving ballad that’s gorgeously performed.

Hold On then reignites a sense of optimism, creating brightness, positivity – a driving anthem designed to get you feeling the thrill. Afterwards, One Last Song fulfills the delicate implications of its title. Every rock project needs a stripped-back, MTV unplugged-style moment. An acoustic guitar piece, with a near-whispered vocal and an unforeseen touch of harmony. Beautifully done.

Things come to a close with an almighty bang. Saturday Night is every bit the anthem you’d hope it to be. Here comes every element from before – guitars, piano, high energy, vocal choruses. The song delivers short rhymes that set the scene with ease and pave the way well towards what is quite probably the most memorable hook on the project. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but classic rock and roll is far from new; it’s just been away for a while. A great way to finish, and the kind of song you can imagine would get everyone up on their feet at a live show.

Second Hand Mojo have achieved a fine balance between their passion for a yesteryear genre and the importance of musical precision, ability, and professionalism. This is a crisp, clean and energizing new project, which whole-heartedly deserves a worthy audience.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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