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Seb Turner-Moore Another Love


Seb Turner-Moore takes dance-pop to emotive and melodic heights with his latest single.

Featuring a high-energy, summer-ready beat, Another Love follows a pop-inspired progression and intimate story-line as Turner-Moore utilizes his uniquely expressive, meandering voice to guide the way. There’s a slightly grunge-esque or Muse-like tone to Seb’s voice, which effectively injects a new level of character into the dance-pop realm.

As the hook approaches, the incoming repetition of that title-line creates a sense of rising anticipation, so the drop into the loop offers a moment of brightness, unity and shared energy, which suits the dance-pop mood well and will likely translate with ease to the live performance setting.

Another Love marks an eclectic and fresh addition to the Seb Turner-Moore catalogue. Take a track like Play That Song Again, and the entire set-up and style leans in a different direction. Still we have the recognisable quality of the voice, and the intimacy of the story-line, but otherwise the soundscape has a certain organic pop-rock bounce and soul about it.

We Danced is another that showcases his open and honest writing style well yet leans back towards the dance-pop aura. Once again though, the mood and style feels different – the build-up is huge here, feeling like a driving anthem or Coldplay hit with its emotive, passionate peaks.

Throw in a sultry Christmas heart-warmer – Mary, Did You Know? to really highlight the depth and intricacies of Seb’s voice, amidst a mellow, emotional look at a classic seasonal tale, and the collection proves increasingly impressive. Seb’s voice sounds stunning here, beautifully raspy and expressive, lost in the moment, and the feature from singer Georgia Mae helps create a powerful sense of dynamic within the walls of the song.

Undoubtedly an artist and songwriter with a fine ear for melody and a willingness to keep things genuine and open lyrically – not to mention a singer with a superb, powerful and memorable vocal style. Hopefully there’s plenty more music on the way.

Check out Seb Turner-Moore on Instagram, YouTube & his Website.

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