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ScurtDae Death Over Diamonds


Freshly released fragments of the brand new Death Over Diamonds album, Anesthesia is phenomenal pop single – featuring a fine fusion of rhythmic vocal story-telling, acoustic musicality, and a hip hop meets country, Old Town Road kind of overall style and swagger.

Progressing throughout its fairly prefect 3:19 lifespan, the single keeps the organic and electronic realms united in the production – the soundscape alone proving hypnotic and engaging enough to maintain a likeable, addictive groove. Throw in two varied vocals, two personalities and flows, and the song consistently manages to connect and keep you interested as it moves along.

Too Cold is another superb single, utilising a similarly expressive, honest and creative set-up, but veering off down a fresh pathway stylistically.

A touch of distortion, acoustic and fuzz united, and further rhythmically entrancing vocals with equally captivating, poetic lyrics that are all at once, contemporary, deeply personal, and vague enough to be made the listener’s own.

By now the voice has familiarity, it has weight as a leader, and this thread will likely be crucial in keeping the album valuable and immersive throughout.

Beautifully heartfelt, complex and open, loaded with vulnerability and struggle, confidence and uncertainty – the writing is powerful, and the sound is on point being both artistic and modern by design.

Where Were You (feat. YunTrivv) takes the sublime guitar work to even greater levels, and introduces a clear hip hop backbone for another story complete with scene setting and unapologetic personality. This one has a little more attitude, a touch of carefree delivery and writing, and most probably makes for a somewhat harder-hitting moment within the project.

As a final taste of the new album, Built Inside (Feat. GaTa) adopts the emo-rap aura for a synth-washed ambiance that rains down in a quickly comforting yet melancholic way. Another beauty, poetic and clever lyrically, compelling, familiar for that voice and this contrast between the pace of the verses and the delicacy of the music.

There’s something gorgeously genuine about the sound, the live show appeals for the clarity in both concept and recording, and the music creates the perfect mood in every case for the audience to join in and reflect on all that the lyrics present.

Built Inside is stunning, in short – a fine example of the talent and integrity of ScurtDae throughout this album. Categorically worth the time it takes to experience – an artist with intention, depth, and a finger clearly on the pulse of the contemporary sound.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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