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A self-proclaimed musical chameleon, Scotty Seed takes no direction from genre or industry expectations – this album underlines the artist’s inherent creative freedom; as well as his softly soulful approach to performance, and his equally free and poetic angle when writing.

Leading with the breathy and retro delicacy that is the electronically warm yet partly guitar-led and gorgeously ambient Brando Knows Best, Scotty Seed works hard to intrigue and captivate, but he does so in a subtle manner, and furthermore – he does it in a musically satisfying way. Where the majority of alternative or experimental artists may veer off into uncomfortable or jarring realms of audio to make a point, Scotty keeps his songs flowing like waves of deep thought and colour. For all of these reasons, this album in full makes for a perfectly refreshing hit of escapism that can work wonders if you let it.

Eclecticism roams free throughout the playlist, heavier moments of EDM and alternative dance appear intermittently, but still we come back to this voice, this deeply human manner of consideration, and these clever little rhymes and flickers of personality that entertain and provoke thought all at once.

The opener is a personal favourite, but the entire project follows its own rules and is ultimately a job well done for music fans seeking something genuinely new right now.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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