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Scotty Nando Who You (Official Video)


A haunting riff rises and falls hypnotically throughout this fresh track from Scotty Nando. The beat sets the mood from the offset, this late-night vibe with a trap-inspired rhythm and a sort of ambient calm.

Then we get Scotty’s vocal, offering the hook initially – a minimalist, quiet moment, softly presented so as to really draw focus to the implications of the question. Afterwards, the verse delivers a plethora of detail, personal story-telling that holds close to an intimate truth – effectively igniting the artist’s own journey in a genuine way.

Structurally the song moves from the hook through a long verse, a sort of middle-8 section, then back to a final glimmer of the hook. Meanwhile, the beat and the riff rain down around you in a subtle yet recognisable fashion.

The single also comes with a professionally shot set of visuals, displaying Scotty Nando walking the streets but also lost in performance and thought. The whole thing presents a fairly chilled out, quietly confident aura, and introduces Nando as clearly influenced by contemporary and classic hip hop in equal parts.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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