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Scott Smith Band I Will Love You


For what appears at first as a fairly standard Americana or folk-rock single, I Will Love You quite quickly becomes something much more raw and real than anything so formulaically crafted as a song intended for a specific genre or style.

Smith’s voice plays a huge part in creating this unique effect – not just the tone and character of it, but the way he delivers the lyrics and the underlying sentiments of the song. You want to listen because it’s interesting, it’s a mellow melody accompanied by a string of dedicative, loyal lyrics. The way he presents both has something slightly nonchalant about it, a certain carefree elegance, an effortless display of affection – as if it’s unquestionable, this love that he speaks of. It’s endearing to listen to, and when the second vocal comes in – the female harmony – it adds a final touch of genuine adoration to the mix and broadens that reach even further.

The song has something of a traditional folk feel alongside of an organic and uplifting musicality. Even in amidst a playlist of perhaps a hundred songs of this nature, you’d be able to pick out the Scott Smith Band – you’d recognise this melody, this vocal tone and performance style. That’s a huge thing to achieve these days.

Accompanying this release is a second song from the band entitled Spinning Around. That familiar voice returns, though it’s doubled up now. The lyrics are quicker, more dense – there’s more to take in. The melody is still simple, a few lower notes prepare you for the higher ones that follow. The hook appears smoothly but with colour and vibrant energy. It pulls you in to the centre of the action and keeps you entertained, right through to the end.

Stylistically, or at least in terms of the structure and the development towards the hook, I was reminded a little of the collaborative pop song When You’re Gone, with Bryan Adams. Nothing about the musicianship or the writing has anything in common with that, but the doubled vocal layer and the quick movement through the moments I feel has a slight similarity. Thankfully, the concept here is so much more interesting.

The Scott Smith Band write beautiful songs, and their leading vocalist, the artist himself, has a subtle but stunning voice that carries their sound with power and personality. This short, two track release, leaves its mark undoubtedly, and it’s a joy to have the songs play out for you. I’d be keen to catch a live show from the band, for sure.

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Rebecca Cullen

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