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Scott Howard Ascended Man


Creatively balancing the warmth of country with a hint of classic pop-rock and Americana, Scott Howard kicks off his album Ascended Man with the beautifully immersive, uplifting Come With Me.

Immediately the sound is comforting, likable, genuine. Scott’s voice carries the depth and gratitude of the song in a naturally compelling manner. Then you get the instrumental bloom; the build-up, the fullness and the energy. Fairly quickly you realise the strength of this songwriting, and the purity of Scott’s approach and delivery on the whole.

Throughout the rest of the album, expect some heartfelt acoustic ballads, a touch of Don Mclean – Life’s Not Easy connects for its openly honest display of uncertainty and vulnerability – alongside some more colourful, uplifting offerings of acceptance and calm. Illusions Of Life remains true to that deeply considerate Scott Howard writing style, celebrating realness yet fusing it with a bright and beautiful sense of optimism.

Stunning performances, gorgeous arrangements, and wonderfully effective, likable songwriting. Ascended Man is thoughtfully tuned in to the healing frequency of 432 Hz, and takes listeners through the artists’ journey towards enlightenment, realization, and oneness. It’s a pleasure to witness, and it leaves a lasting sense of possibility and joy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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