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Scoob Rock Stop and Pause


Fresh from the EP Cultural Art, Scoob Rock’s Stop And Pause is a crisp and classic hip hop track that leans back and forth between nostalgia and freshness.

Fusing the entrancing loops of a jazz-cafe ambiance, with a rhythmically engaging rap vocal – loaded with character, soul, poetry – the track introduces Scoob Rock and the energy and essence of this project in a quickly impressive way. The simplicity of the genre thrives here because the bars and the set-up are so well executed. There’s character in this leading voice, there’s also a sense of honesty to this humble approach – the song leads with realness, purity, a simple connection to the art form and a clear awareness of what works and what compels an audience.

As the track pours through, the bars entertain and provoke thought in equal parts. There’s a story-line and there’s intention to the writing, and though the verses see this come through with intensity and darkness, the hook resolves effectively to create a memorable loop and an overall level of drive and determination that’s inspiring to witness. Everything about this works, authenticity was once the heart of hip hop and hopefully it will be again. Scoob Rock and this EP in full make for a worthy step in the right direction.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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