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Scoob Rock & Soul Theory Stranded People 3


The unmistakable sound of Scoob Rock meets with the stylish and soulful grooves of Soul Theory for this full-length project – a playlist designed to pick you up and leave you feeling energized and ready to move.

From the offset that vocal tone and the relentless, entrancing rhythm of Scoob Rock’s vocal creates a sense of familiarity and welcome. It’s easy to forget the skill and thought that goes into Scoob’s bars and performance style when the majority of indie hip hop continues to flood the airwaves in between listening. This project is a welcomed return from the artist and a fine collaboration that offers hit after hit; always with an alternative, creative twang – the kind of sound that would work beautifully at a daytime festival set.

Another One kicks the album off and emerges with a stylish, near-organic backdrop – a light touch of funk and a classic flow from both artists. The dynamic between the two voices works well to keep things interesting and entertaining right the way through. This is classic, vintage-inspired hip hop, intentional and professionally crafted, easy to vibe to and also consistently impressive the further into it you get.

The album in full continues to embrace and engage the listener with these classic and uplifting grooves and story-lines. Inspiring, masterfully produced, precisely the kind of quality and depth you’d expect from a duo who’ve been making projects together for well over a decade.

A superb album. Stranded People 3 is a must for hip hop fans to escape amidst. The previous releases from Scoob Rock and Soul Theory are equally worth exploring for that purpose and dedication – and the sheer strength of the music and lyricism at every step. Undoubtedly names worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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