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Scoob Rock Nowadayz


Heavy bass-lines and contrastingly dreamy outer details combine throughout a nostalgic and purposeful Nowadayz, from rapper and artist Scoob Rock.

Talking on substance and heart in the art of making music, the lyrics and the intentions of the project speak volumes, and introduce the rasp and style of Scoob Rock in a bold and likeable way.

Nostalgic by nature, the title-track from the album Nowadayz makes for a hypnotic introduction to the work, with consistently compelling rhythms and references to contemporary lifestyles that hold attention well throughout.

Increasingly impressive, poetic and confident in its tackling of the current scene, the song draws you in perfectly well, and tips its hat to the minimalist yet striking, no-filler-needed nature of the dawn of hip hop.

The rest of the project is refreshingly eclectic in genre and style, with reggae and various aspects of world-inspiration woven in. Ultimately though, Scoob Rock’s voice, in tone and subject, transcends the stylistics, gifting his music an unquestionable sense of identity.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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