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Scheckler Brothers Love You So (Official Video)


Scheckler Brothers work hard to recapture attention with this release. Love You So comes in the form of a brand new video, offering a full-band performance that showcases a whole new side to the act.

Driving with a classic big-band vibe, complete with a horn section, a colourful and energizing arrangement in general, and a willing audience, the video captures a moment that feels authentically nostalgic and something like a classic movie scene as it moves along.

The whole thing is designed to be fun, it’s a love song with a beach-side bounce to it. The band are all at once performing on stage and sitting at tables, adding a twist to the journey and further highlighting them as an act with a simple love for what they do.

The song itself suits this setting really well, there’s an addictive and easily memorable nature to that horn riff, it starts things up and it sees the clip to a mighty finish. At the same time, the melody works its magic with similar simplicity, making this almost certainly one of the band’s most recognisable singles to date. The result is something that makes viewers and listeners likely to feel keen to get themselves down to Underground Club for a classic night of sophisticated good times.

Mild moments of choreography add further to all of this. Love You So builds up wonderfully and works perfectly well just the way it is. The video enhances the whole thing in a likable way. A job well done.

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  1. I Love the Scheckler Brothers!! Very talented musicians and songwriters too! I agree it’s a very cool nostalgic video!

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