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Savesomeone Fire


The simple and retro artwork for this single seems surprisingly well-suited to many of the effects and moments that feature within. More than this though, while Fire begins with a certain balance between delicacy and contemporary hip hop hooks, the song progresses to offer up a decidedly creative structure, and a series of moments that captivate way more effectively than first expected.

The simplicity of the soundscape here is something that proves to work really well. Contrast is crucial, and the later sections of the track undoubtedly hit with melodic and uplifting impact thanks to how quiet and easy-going the earlier moments are. In amidst this, Savesomeone’s voice offers a fitting level of calm and quiet confidence. There’s honesty in the lyrics, vulnerability even, and this, combined with a notably minimalist backdrop, means the performance manages to connect well. There’s even a guitar-like nature to that opening riff, the qualities of which reach out a little more memorably with each revisit.

Fire is a fairly refreshing alternative to modern RnB and hip hop. A smooth track with a simple yet recognisable hook, and a likable groove on the whole.

Download or stream the single here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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