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SAUNDIA The Remembering


Poetry and creative freedom unite to powerfully captivating results, as Armenian-American songwriter SAUNDIA explores topics of loss, rebirth and self-empowerment, throughout a uniquely engaging The Remembering.

From intriguing beginnings of simplicity and vocal appeal, the listing format of the verses that guide us into The Remembering pave the way brilliantly towards the melodic and uplifting later sections.

Featuring multiple layers of cascading, intertwining vocals, alongside these deeply striking poetic reflections and images, The Remembering emerges as a fearlessly inspiring and creative link to SAUNDIA’s debut EP. The project delves into the artist’s own story of losing her voice, in 2016, and the intense training and therapy that followed in order to regain a sense of self and the ability to wholly utilise her voice.

This backstory gives The Remembering all the more strength, in more ways than one. The latter half in particular sees SAUNDIA’s voice explode into new realms of power, passion and devotion. It’s a faultlessly performed, authentically soulful release, gifting a clear degree of overcoming and possibility when faced with personal challenges or apparent roadblocks on the route towards our dreams.

With artistic uniqueness running through everything from the writing to the production, the structure, and the final performance, The Remembering makes for a sensational debut, from an artist ready and waiting to inflict an essential twist in the very fabric of modern pop.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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