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Sarantos Somethin’ to Believe In


Starting the new year with outstretched arms, Sarantos delivers a much-needed embrace for those feeling lost or alone as 2023 washes through.

From melancholic verses through a memorable pre-chorus to a brighter, ultimately comforting hook rise, Somethin’ to Believe In employs a full pop-rock soundscape, to weave a story of acceptance and understanding for any and all who need it.

Lyrically Sarantos takes on the depths of struggle, delving in with honesty and fearless representation as always, and proceeds these declarations of pain with a rightfully celebratory hook resolve that naturally soothes.

While there’s plenty of realism, mention of the ache of modern life and the difficulties we face, there’s also a much longer-lasting sense of unity, possibility and warmth to the underlying sentiments and vibe of the song.

Despite the extensive nature of this post five-minute journey, it’s undoubtedly that optimism and hope, which resounds in the end. Lines like ‘Just be who you are, it’s what the world needs’ and ‘All I can do is tell you to fight it’ feel genuine, aptly believable, and inspiring; particularly when combined with the increasing energy and colour of the arrangement’s final quarter.

Download Somethin’ to Believe In via Apple. Check out Sarantos on Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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