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Sarah Rose Everytime (Prod. by Mayo Deluxe)


Creative and mildly anthemic pop with a twist of character – organic and heartfelt, uplifting and hopeful; falling artistically somewhere between the likes of Vanessa Carlton and Sheryl Crow. This debut release from Sarah Rose takes its audience back to the warmth and wonder of classic organic country pop.

From the EP Phases, Everytime presents an artist with a distinct vocal depth and a likable genre fusion to her sound – noting traces of indie pop, country and classic piano pop, across an increasingly energetic lifespan.

Sarah Rose offers long-form verses throughout the mix, somewhat quietly delivered but this too providing a central thread of identity amidst the timeless instrumental arrangement. This trait is unmistakable once it’s crossed your path, the overall set-up and resolve feeling more familiar for their nineties-like pop rock warmth and the structural tricks like stripping things back to the pure piano or guitar intermittently.

Produced by Maypo Deluxe and also featuring his work on electric guitar, Every Time is an effective alternative pop gem – a comforting listen with plenty of originality in the voice and writing style, non-intrusive in the way that some simple earworms are; just a great song with a welcomed edge of personality.

In short, Every Time is an original love song, rising up from minimal beginnings into a near-soul-rock realm thanks to that rising production and the emotive guitar work from Maypo Deluxe. The song marks a fine introduction to the Sarah Rose style, and appears to promise hints of a debut EP that will connect for its emotion, its humility, and its fresh persona alike.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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