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Sarah Reynolds I Need Love


Sarah Reynolds takes us back to the classic pop days with this single. Fusing a ballad-like piano progression and structure, with softly breathy RnB vocals, a long-form melody, and a light yet tripped up drum-line, I Need Love utilizes simplicity to make itself known.

Creatively the song follows a familiar, comforting pop structure. The build-up is gradual, and while the elements bring hints of character, they hold onto a professional, mainstream flavor that gives the whole thing a crisp, clean finish.

Alongside all of this is Sarah’s voice, fairly quiet within the mix, yet that production minimalism allows it to shine brightly regardless. The mix draws focus to this growing harmony of vocals, which are given strength through their arrangement in unison – particularly during the latter half. Here, one or two additional artistic choices seek to subtly mix things up, before the hypnotic looping of that hook and the engaging rhythm of the soundscape join forces and repeat to fade.

On a deeper level, there’s a certain vulnerability and honesty to the song. The title is unique – most pop songs would traditionally opt for the more intimate, personal ‘I Need You’, or, on the contrary, the more scathing projection of ‘You Need Love’. The verses lay bare the truth of the story – the deceit, the heartbreak. Sarah’s willingness to be open helps give the track a notably genuine core.

Single out February 14th. Find & follow Sarah Reynolds on Facebook, Soundcloud & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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