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Sarah Ragsdale Ferris Wheel


Sarah Ragsdale’s Ferris Wheel is a song that presents an easy going rhythm and a generally mellow energy alongside of a simple yet addictively effective melody line. The artist’s songwriting takes influence from the most accessible theme of all, that of relationships, and offers up her own experiences in a way that uses metaphor and reality in unison to move things along – this is the song and the accompanying video as a complete project.

The musical side of things is notably more unusual, the instrumentation has a certain organic nature to it, a somewhat manic piano part, a bare yet bold and captivating beat, and the leading artist’s voice on top of all of this – coming through in a fairly simplistic, stop and start manner – all of which adds to the unpredictability, and helps the sound really stand tall as something new and unique.

The music builds throughout, fully kicking into action at just before the two minute mark, surrounding you in hypnotic rhythm and warmth. The hook is incredibly memorable, a simple yet unquestionable ear worm. What works particularly well about it is that the performance of these words ties in beautifully with the rhythm of the supporting music. The concept of up and down, around and around, is exactly what the hook and the instrumentation portray as the soundscape progresses. It’s a minimalist approach but the strength of this uniting of elements is what drives the song, and as stated, it makes for one that lingers in your mind long after listening.

There’s a definite sense of character to the sound and Sarah Ragsdale has a certain creative style that magnifies her individuality in a really effective way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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