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Sarah Belle Quarter-Life Crisis


Adopting an organic, all the more intimate approach for this brand new acoustic and deeply emotive single, artist Sarah Belle continues along the pathway of realness and freedom of expression within modern pop.

Leading with the immediately likable delivery of acoustic guitar strummed in a folk-pop-esque, small-stage manner, Quarter-Life Crisis goes on to bring in a reverb-drenched vocal lead of soulful, long-form melodies, and lyrics that shine light on a very specific and vulnerable storyline.

Notably personal throughout, Quarter-Life Crisis promises far more depth than perhaps first impressions might imply. Sarah’s lyricism utilises equal parts reflection, memories and anecdotes alongside broader strokes of relatable contemplation, in order to connect for authenticity and escapism alike. As such, the song no doubt speaks to those at the quarter-life mark themselves, dealing with the mistakes, doubts, dreams and uncertainties of that chapter.

As the energy and passion of the song build, the production is really well-crafted so as to support the rising emotion of the lyrics and the performance. Where the melody veers off into expressive RnB-style meanderings, the backdrop maintains its chord pattern and descending melodic loop, offering a brilliantly hypnotic final quarter as every layer joins forces and rains down for the closing moments.

Easily a stand-out single from Sarah Belle to date, modern pop with a fair few twists of identity in everything from lyrical presence to freedom of vocal melody to the unique sound-design traits that are the instrumental choices and overtones.

The whole thing is rightfully moving, honest and endearing, and Sarah performs it with precisely the kind of heart and longing required to naturally elevate these strengths.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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