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Sarah Belle Say U Love Me


Singer and songwriter Sarah Belle pours raw emotion and poetic reflection into the piano-led ballad that is her debut single Say U Love Me.

Detailing the ache of love in line with the excitement and elation of preceding heartbreak, the single delves into the complexities of that journey, and the weight of the emotions that rain down along the way. As such, everything from the lyrics to the trembling intensity of the performance feeds into this sense of passionate desperation, as the song slowly but surely gathers momentum.

Familiar in style for its four-chord progression and the simple piano approach, Say U Love Me proceeds to weave in a fresh, fairly unpredictable long-form melody. Belle’s voice meanders through the sections of the song almost in a freestyle fashion, shaky and uncertain yet soulfully devoted to the cause, and feeling aptly vulnerable as the personal storyline unfolds.

By the time the post-four-minute song wraps up, the tone of voice is unmistakable – a quality that will likely stand out across future releases from the Miami-based artist.

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Rebecca Cullen

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