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Sara Shankar Scriptures


Sara Shankar has crafted an unusual new pop song for this release, one that carefully balances an organic musical set-up with a decidedly electronic and somewhat experimental backbone.

First you get the acoustic guitar riff leading the way, a little medieval in tone, then there’s Shankar’s voice and these repeated words that walk you towards the hook. It’s a unique voice, expressive and passionate yet again kissed by effects so as to essentially blur the line between real authentic and organised.

As things build, the beat has a certain simplicity to it, an easy loop that lets the intensity rise higher. Shankar’s vocal inflections work further towards this goal, and meanwhile the lyrics kick in as poetically selected yet familiar in the way that pop music often is.

By the end, the unexpected rhythm of delivery has made itself a little more recognisable. The final moments are a definite highlight as the flow finds its sweet spot and resolves in a satisfying way – It’s part of being a teenager works well as the ultimate closing moment.

All in all, those unique qualities stand out well, and still you get the pop core that’s likely to connect for its emotion and the colourful set-up. There’s a lot of heart and honesty in the writing, as well as character in the voice, and hopefully those qualities will take Sara far.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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