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Santa Semeli and the Monks Where is The Disco in This Town?


Bringing back the retro tones of a simpler time, by means of a notably organic, big-band presentation, Where is The Disco in This Town? is a single that pours through with the quickly upbeat energy and anthem-like togetherness of a Karaoke classic.

Introducing Santa Semeli and the Monks as an act with a distinctly carefree and fun approach to creativity, the single reaches out boldly and confidently from the offset, and continues to grow more theatrical and engaging as it progresses.

Where the opening moments lay out that little something to relate to and immediately join in with, the later sections add entire new levels of entertainment value. While the lead singer’s vocal is loud and characterful enough from the start to carry a song like this with authenticity and vibrancy, that central performance only evolves to become even more attention grabbing and striking as it goes on. Finding itself soon accompanied by a gathering of additional voices – as the central character finally succeeds in discovering precisely where and who the disco is in this town – the energy and brightness of that voice and the track in full multiplies and intensifies accordingly.

The whole thing builds and builds in a manner that makes it pretty difficult not to start moving along to. A job well done, an underlying concept represented in every possible way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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