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Samantha Leon Bright Yellow Shoes


Bright Yellow Shoes is a little bit of all that is beautiful, yet presented not in any sort of predictable or expected way. The song has a minimalist set of building blocks that offer a gorgeously peaceful few minutes of audio, though unlike the average soft jazz or low key pop ballad, there’s an array of somewhat unusual elements throughout the recording that make for something truly unique.

The instrumentation moves softly from the acoustic guitar sound to the strings to the lightly effected strum, and all the while this free-flowing, jazz-inspired songwriting pours out, driven by the artist’s easy to listen to, up close and personal performance style.

The melody of the track goes almost unnoticed at first, which is an interesting effect and not in any way a negative. The ambiance of the piece on the whole washes over you as this audible work of art – the gentleness of it is calming, the progression is notable and there is always change and evolution in the music and in the lines, but the track follows its own path and its own rules in creating this story line and soundscape.

Samantha Leon’s voice is the sort that you can listen to for hours and not get tired of. Her delivery of this particular song has an extremely personal and intimate nature to it, and this fits with the subject matter really well. The accompanying video too keeps in line with this undeniably personal approach to expression, and the two mediums together make for a pretty powerful and believable dedication of love. The artist has a unique style and Bright Yellow Shoes is a great place to start for listeners looking for something new.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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