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Säm Wilder Homebound EP


Catchy riffs and strong grooves back up the quirky soulful vocals of Sam Wilder’s EP Homebound.

Recently released as a deluxe version with 11 tracks in total, Homebound features the likes of an infectious and impressive Overtime, and proceeds to keep things stylish and versatile throughout.

Easily a highlight, Overtime leads with a slick bass-line and eclectic vocals of both falsetto and lower depths throughout its progression. Weave in a quickly memorable hook, and the track is naturally a pop-rock ear-worm with a twist of funk and soul.

Other highlights from the project include the intriguing ambient sound-play and gospel-kissed tones of What’s Wrong With Me. Once again, Wilder presents a faultless vocal delivery, backed by a choir of voices and a musical warmth to contrast the implied melancholy of the lyrics.

Undoubtedly a songwriter with an unlimited approach to creativity, Wilder raises the bar consistently with each new song. Consider the shift to the featured voice of Bring It Home, the rap inflection of the verses to juxtapose that, and again the addictive fusion of modern production and timeless organic musicianship. This one turns out to be a brilliant anthem of power and unity – the perfect kind of song to bring fans together at a live show.

One final favourite is the mellow and intimate This Far, something of a folk-pop offering with a certain lightness but still that passionate switch and a dash of funk and bass during the build.

Sam Wilder undoubtedly proves himself to be a master of the craft with the writing and structure of each original piece of Homebound. Not only this, but the performances across the board grip the listener with confidence and heart. Really impressive, and a joy to let fill the room.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Hi, We have been working with Säm for over five years and partnered with him to put this record out on our label, Spin Move Records. It’s very gratifying to have the music so well received. Thanks for your writing equaling the quality of the music. All the best!

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