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Sam Lush Miss Dangerous (According To Humans)


Fresh from the conceptual album that is According To Humans, Sam Lush’s track Miss Dangerous gathers some of the artist’s most uplifting, inspiring ideas and presents them among a gorgeously organic and warm musical backdrop.

On paper, perhaps you’d give this a simple stamp of identity under the hip hop genre or something a little more closely connected to nineties RnB – there’s a nostalgic touch to the hook and the acoustic flickers alongside of the beat. In reality though, there’s far more to this music and this moment of expression than a simple genre label can convey.

For one, the ambiance has a fairly unique set-up – the opening moments showcase the hook, a collection of voices echoing around you, the music brings together that comforting loop of acoustic picking, soaked in reverb and further echos that bounce around. All of this is delicate though, calming to listen to – the melodic vocal is softly soulful, not overdoing the performance but almost whispering the ideas to you. It feels very intimate. Then as the rap vocal comes into play, the mood changes slightly – becomes a little more energizing; the lyrics feed into this further. The rhyme scheme throws out image after image, painting a clear picture and all the while seeing the audience become more and more entranced by the smooth confidence of that voice.

It’s an intriguing song and interesting for so many reasons, but at its core – Miss Dangerous is an easy track to relax among. The rest of the album follows its own rules but the general concept is that of self-empowerment, self-improvement, as well touching on an appreciation for the little things and the moments that matter. There’s depth and a little sadness, this song in particular brings together these elements in a captivating way. The more you hear, the more it connects.

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