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Sam Levin Bookmark


Sam Levin’s music lights up the room in the most beautiful way. Combining traditional acoustic guitar picking with a heartfelt and gentle yet unapologetically real approach to songwriting and performance, Bookmark is a gorgeously organic song – one that gradually gathers momentum and paints a captivating, poetic story-line before you.

From the offset, the acoustic guitar sound is likely to appeal to audiences across the way. There’s a classic purity to the sound that connects for its realness, and that also lays out a genuine image of the artist in a live-show setting. Following this, the first few moments of melody have a certain familiarity – Sam’s voice is delicate and in keeping with the careful emotion of the lyrics. As things progress though, the melody develops in an unexpected manner – the beat kicks in, the lines quicken, the concept grows more complex and the lines offer even more in the way of metaphorical reflection. Sam’s voice reinforces these changes, moving from gentle to slightly heavier and more passionate for those brief moments of higher energy or uncertainty.

On the whole the song is incredibly uplifting, open and honest in its manner of dealing with love and relationships, personal yet not overly detailed so as to take away any potential connection for distant listeners. On the contrary, this sort of fresh poetic writing has made the song immediately accessible – and all the more beautiful in its ability to be shared. A second and third listen seals the deal, Sam Levin is a wonderful songwriter and a superb musician. The upcoming album A General Air of Regret is undoubtedly one worth looking out for. Bookmark is fantastic, refreshing and a pleasure to listen to intently – and to have reappear in the long-term playlist.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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