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Salvation Magenta Radical Reality


Inspired by struggle yet soaked in passionate devotion to the art form, Salvation Magenta brings together multi-layered electronic rock soundscapes with gritty, indie-esque vocals of increasing volume and intensity.

Radical Reality is the project, four original tracks composed after a significant period of writer’s block – an issue overcome by an unfortunate and traumatic incident; “I was brutally attacked, held at gunpoint and robbed in an abandoned warehouse. Following that, I regained my ability to write, so I started this project.” – a positive boldly drawn from an unthinkable negative.

Musically, A Hit Of Reality kicks things off, and immediately the production appeals. Retro dance flavours intertwine with distortion, weight and fullness – a creatively immersive realm of increasing energy.

The vocal comes into play and redirects things, adding a sort of freestyle explosion or stream of consciousness to proceedings; shining light on the ideas and feelings that led to it all.

Afterwards, Gone leans more towards the shoegaze and simple indie rock sound of eras past. Organic layers of guitar, both fuzzy and clean, and that returning, familiar voice now more at ease within a recognisably indie-kissed arena.

Production-wise there’s little to fault about Radical Reality – versatility is a strength and in every case the sound hits out in just the right way. Consider the high-octane euphoria of Radical, elevating things immensely with its brief lifespan but hypnotic looping sentiments.

Vocally things appear far more raw, a live performance to juxtapose the premeditated sound-design. The fusion of these two contrary traits ultimately works in favour of the Salvation Magenta sound. Identity is crucial in today’s music world, and there’s plenty of it here.

Closing down the EP is What A Feeling Today, underlining the optimism or celebration of being able to suddenly write again, after two years. There’s melody in the delivery, an anthemic presence to the chord pattern and overall finish.

The lyrics are decidedly unedited, fearlessly honest – as is the case throughout this project. And all of these qualities work well to further a sense of integrity and character.

The more you listen, the more you hear. A welcomed touch of aptly titled Radical Reality, just when we need it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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