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Sakhile Howard Will Tomorrow Ever Come


Conceptual story-telling complete with voice-over scenes and consistently creative production – Will Tomorrow Ever Come envelops its audience in this intimate, revealing and thoughtful series of events.

From the conversation of We Meet the storyline intrigues, followed shortly afterwards by the uniquely melodic, tribal rhythms and colours of Tonight Is Forever, wherein our protagonist gets personal, poetic, and deeply reflective. The music rises with an unusually upfront piano progression and some retro dance layers. A dance-pop hook completes what otherwise feels like an almost melancholic look at the self and living in the moment.

Lyrically poignant, relatable, interesting and accessible, musically out there but offering a clear level of identity with that – Will Tomorrow Ever Come presents a journey of contemplation and knowingly human emotions.

Home (DJ’s Lost Letter) follows the second snippet or page from the spoken story with an EDM boost and soulful vocals that call out on behalf of longing, separation, and the power of love. That yesteryear dance brightness then continues through an anthem-like, euphorically synth-soaked Blue Night Sky – an easy highlight for the sheer embrace and elevation of the drop.

Other highlights from the ten-track project include a quickly emotive, progressive house and vocally passionate Sun Will Shine, and the sudden injection of hip hop and retro gamer tones that is an unpredictably creative Take Me Home. A little melodically jarring at its peak but still refreshingly expressive in its genre fusion and nostalgia.

Light In The Night also works well for pairing bold female vocals with a bass-heavy dance vibe to aptly light up the latter half of the album; a nineties nod complete with an electric guitar solo to really mix things up.

Together is a personal favourite, vocals humbly mixed and a certain warmth and soul united amidst uncertainty that feels genuinely human. Then the project gets wrapped up with one last layer of voice, that familiar character, completing the story and leaving you keen to re-listen to the whole thing.

A good vibes project through and through – in subject, performance and overall musicality.

Album out June 23rd. Check out Howard on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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