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Saint Zo Just4us


Organic tribal rhythms and soulful melodies make up the blissfully ambient debut single from artist and songwriter Saint Zo.

Blending genres for a world-music-fused pop hit reaching far and wide, Just4us unites cultures, languages, styles, rhythms and moments in a faultlessly immersive fashion.

The voice is smooth, delicate and expressive – naturally in tune with the loving nature of the writing and the optimistic warmth of the music.

Structurally effective, Just4us makes fine use of simple, mildly familiar yet fresh melodies and progressions, the latter half weaving in an almost freestyle-esque spoken word verse to showcase further versatility.

After this, higher notes of passionate peaks raise the pulse and the energy of the track, and the music subtly follows suit.

Intimate and deeply personal yet vague enough to be relatable and made the listener’s own, Just4us is beautiful – humble in length and quietly confident in performance, effective in proving both mainstream relevant and indie-authentic for its real-time musicality and strength of concept.

An easy single for romantics and popular music fans alike to escape into this year. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come.

Download or stream Just4us here. Check out Saint Zo on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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