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SAINT JACQUE OMGYKWID / hello2008(fears)


Kicking into gear with a beautiful downpour of uplifting synths and a fairly classic, summer dance vibe that’s easily energizing, SAINT JACQUE’s opening EP single OMGYKWID proceeds to blend genres in a decidedly unique manner.

Showcasing a complete freedom from influence creatively, or rather – a fine fusion of multiple styles and directions – SAINT JACQUE rides alongside of each beat with a contemporary rap flow and auto-tune sound that effectively keeps things fairly well rooted amidst today’s hip hop sound.

The post-four minute track ultimately unites a powerful, epic soundscape, with a much more colloquial, lighter subject matter, which does, by all accounts, prove to breathe genuine individuality into the scene. The whole thing feels incredibly emotional, but is kept fairly neutral lyrically in an intriguing and confident way.

This brand new, two-track EP also features another single which completely steps away from even the creative freedom of the previous one.

Produced by 7evaaxx, hello2008 (fears) rides high on top of the contrast between blissfully light vocal flickers, a brilliantly heavy bassline and beat, and proceeds to introduce a fast-paced, somewhat relentless rap flow, but with a quieter vocal delivery than before.

This one actually presents a different vocal sound in general. That emotion is still at the forefront, the lyrics are a little more distant here though, allowing that reverb-kissed emo-rap aura to take over more intensely than the writing. The concept and vibe become whatever the listener needs them to be, and there’s a hypnotic, powerful quality to this kind of creative approach.

By all accounts, SAINT JACQUE, inspired by punk-rock as much so as any other genre, marches to the beat of his own drum. Both of these tracks, each standing tall in their own unpredictable way, speak volumes on behalf of that.

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