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Sage Phoenix Forever


Clean production and smooth RnB vibes unite with subtle alternative traits throughout the devoted new electro-pop single from Sage Phoenix.

Perhaps the catchiest release form Sage yet, Forever combines crisp and timeless production with mild hints of originality throughout a relatable and likable progression.

Short lines reflect on the infatuation of adoring a significant other, as we build towards the more lasting reflection of a promise and ode that is the song’s hook and central sentiment.

Somewhat retro in synth and beat, even the vocal ad-libs in the backdrop, Forever contrasts this nostalgic aspect with a modern dance-ready chorus and a fine sense of structure. Even the pre-chorus works beautifully in building up the anticipation of that looping hook. Suddenly the brightness and energy of the track elevates things from intimate to accessible, blurring the lines between late-night calm and outright floor-filler with style and professionalism.

Easily memorable, well-performed and crafted, Forever works its magic with ease – a recognizable pop offering with a twist of genre-fusion to help light up the outer edges.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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