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SABINA Somebody Else


Indie songwriter and vocal powerhouse SABINA delivers an evocative and intense piano ballad of self-reflection, for the bold and beautiful new single Somebody Else.

Having risen through the ranks with the vast global success of her Russian anthem Dagestan, SABINA notes millions of streams across her repertoire, and secures her place within that all the more so, with the deeply revealing and poignantly soulful performance of Somebody Else.

Crafted during a time of profound personal turmoil, the single speaks out on behalf of self-worth and not seeking validation from external sources. It’s an incredibly relevant topic given the rise of image-based influencers, and SABINA has approached it in a broadly accessible, musically timeless fashion, effectively presenting a classic power-ballad with a stylish twist of modern contemplation.

Beautifully performed, soulful and sultry, loaded with personality but well-rooted amidst this dramatic rhythm and the melancholic but powerful tune, Somebody Else is an ode to inner strength – a mighty declaration of desire to free oneself from the clutches of peer approval.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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