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S3 Apollo X Arrival


Introducing electronic sound-design of both immersive, cinematic presence and euphoric dance origins – American creative S3 Apollo X delivers a vast and emotive journey, with Arrival.

Taking its time to build, Arrival leads with nostalgic synths and a dreamy over-layer of reverb, for a profoundly atmospheric opening minute, with a chord progression that’s both familiar and intriguing, perhaps indicative of incoming intensity and energy.

As per the implications of the calm before the storm vibe that starts things up, Arrival soon brings in a classic and crisp rhythm section, alongside various melodic downpours; somewhat akin to the sci-fi successes of recent years.

By the midpoint of this near five-minute epic, that euphoric elation quality takes the reigns – the track embraces its audience entirely, amidst waves of warmth and rising optimism and excitement.

Always the venture is lowkey yet uplifting, not heavy nor as intense as perhaps expected, but blissfully delicate and impressively skilful in its own creative way. S3 Apollo X showcases defiant attention to detail, in everything from the artistic intricacies to the evolving structure of the whole. As such, Arrival makes for a consistently rewarding listen, and hopefully a fine indicator of worthy releases to come.

Download or stream Arrival here. Check out S3 Apollo X on Instagram or their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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