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Ryan Lehotay Brain Beats For Anxiety


Created with care and precision, in the hope of assisting the many millions who’ve been somewhat floored by anxiety or insomnia over the past couple of years – Ryan Lehotay, a producer and mental health therapist, gifts an album of original compositions, fusing the natural science of binaural beats with blissfully ambient musical backdrops and the sounds of the natural world.

Featuring nine original tracks, each varying from five to over thirty minutes in length, Brain Beats For Anxiety promises to alleviate, at the very least, the weight and ache of a long day. Every piece contains a binaural frequency between 4 and 14 Hz, which, combined with Lehotay’s creative input, works with the body to calm the mind and bring feelings of chaos or uncertainty to a lower, more manageable level.

The first two tracks in particular make for the perfect way to settle down as sleep approaches – a bedtime routine accompaniment, finely and delicately crafted so as to softly and warmly drown out the noise of an active mind.

Stress falls away, the day completes in a peaceful, hopeful manner, leaving you nothing but the moment to experience and breathe within – no worries of tomorrow, no needs outside of this space.

Elsewhere there are more hints of the creative producer at work, in tune with this need to relax and shake off the stress of modern life. From Anxiety to Creative Insight is a strong example, the title provoking interest, the soundscape notably more intense or enveloping as it embraces the listener in a pulse or wave of movement and awakening music.

Delta Wave Journey (Extended) is also a defiant highlight for its melodic peaks, the almost sci-fi-style nature of the tones, the contrast between layers and simultaneous unity there, and the lasting simplicity of the extended binaural outro. A personal favourite which, perhaps also due to its placement at the centre of the playlist, works wonders for a deeply meditative state of stillness.

Following this, Binaural By The Sea is stunning, as realistic as possible and fusing the comfort of white noise with that of the ocean as its waves crash and fall all around.

A Break From Anxiety and Stress then proceeds to blend the sound of water, a babbling brook of sorts, with the synths and electronic warmth of earlier – there’s even a version with light drumming as the closing track. And so, whatever it is that you prefer to listen to in any moment – the combination is there, the moment presented in a way that allows full volume immersion and escapism.

The health benefits of Binaural Beats have been discussed and studied for many years now, and whether the long term effects will work for you or not, the short term blessing of this project will undoubtedly make it worth delving into.

Download or stream the project here.

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