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Ryan Graves Human


Leading with fully loaded soundscapes of distortion and electrified layers united with a fiercely passionate, recognizable vocal, Ryan Graves delves into the depths of existence, with the uniquely bold and poetic album Human.

Featuring unpredictable production and switches from melody to spoken segments as the stories unfold, Human intertwines personal reflections with more broadly familiar but subtle references to Faith.

Based out of Seattle, WA, Ryan Graves has been an active Christian Rock and Pop Singer, Performer and Actor since 1993, with seven official CD releases to his name, including the 2023 album Legacy.

Noting a fearlessly diverse approach to songwriting, Ryan’s influences span from Alanis Morissette to Michael Jackson, Imagine Dragons and Gavin DeGraw, his gritty vocals and long-form lyrical progressions creating a notably unmistakable quality across an eclectic array of songs.

Now lighting up the Christian Rock scene with the creative twists, turns and explosive drops of his new album Human, Ryan gears up to take on the 2024 music realm with style, confidence and integrity.

Find Ryan Graves on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & his Website.

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