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RuudAwakening Spiritual Playboy


Melodic keys and trap rhythms back up the fast flow of RuudAwakening, as the instantly gripping title-track for Spiritual Playboy rains down.

Offering a uniquely versatile take on the contemporary sound, Spiritual Playboy showcases an eclectic approach to both rap flow and sound-design – resulting in seven originals that introduce a clear talent for the game.

Florida-based and devoting this project to the concept of Guru Osho’s controversial teachings, these recordings interconnect spirituality and materialism in a cleverly captivating fashion. Juxtaposition is key, and everything from the title to the depths of each track embodies that.

Church Girls follows the opener with a heavier bass presence and fragments of vocal melody. The main rap is effected for a recognizable modern sound and a level of confidence and grit that shines light on another side to the seemingly limitless approach of vocalist and writer RuudAwakening.

For fans of the genre, Spiritual Playboy continues to push boundaries creatively, whilst maintaining faultless rhythms and entertaining, theatrical traits that keep things fresh.

Fusing equal parts precision and simple quirks, sharp references and laid-back observations present the likes of EBG. RuudAwakening maintains this versatility in both production and vocal-play, allowing Spiritual Playboy to emerge as one of the most colourful rap projects of the summer.

Grittier levels of writing and rising intensity elevate Slave Making Religion, another aspect of identity interwoven, before Pussy With A Gun lightens the mood and brings in a touch of world-music for another recognizable original. All the while, RuudAwakening connects and impresses with both humor and realism.

In Real Life is a definite anthem, minimalist and self-confident in its faultless flow and intricate detail, then Closure brings things to a cinematic finish – with an edge of evocative melody and sampled segments that draw focus to a more smooth and tuneful take that rounds things off well.

Stylishly engaging, conceptually provocative and impressively sharp – Spiritual Playboy ticks a lot of boxes, whilst holding close to the natural traits of Hip Hop that initially appeal.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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