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Rusty Rickshaw Tujh Mein (Within You)


Intoxicating soul-rock of both instrumental and vocal prowess – The uniquely enchanting sound of Rusty Rickshaw proves inescapably captivating, for their intensely evocative single Tujh Mein.

Built around the concept of Tujh Mein, translating as Within You, the song follows a sublime guitar line initially – a single riff rising and falling in chord to create this wave-like sense of hypnotic calm and intrigue.

Slowly but surely, the layers of expression gather momentum and fullness, beginning with a distorted additional guitar, and followed by an engaging, reverb-kissed vocal of almost medieval or chant-like presence and purpose.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Rusty Rickshaw have been making waves across the live scenes of North America for quite some time – gracing stages ranging from intimate LA nightclubs and San Francisco rooftops to immensely crowded events in San Diego. Their sound unites the musicians’ roots in the Indian Subcontinent with their unrelenting California spirit. As such, their name and reputation are beginning to precede them, and the launch of the profoundly immersive Tujh Mein effectively secures that evolution.

Rising up consistently, Tujh Mein soon rains down with a plethora of instrumental and vocal layers – a choir of comfort and contemplation surrounding the listener, the guitars and this balancing of melancholy and optimism connecting faultlessly with the very concept at hand.

Tujh Mein speaks on the juxtaposed elements or opportunities that lie within all of us – “Within you lies the darkness; Within you the light shines.” It captures affection with a strong and soulful groove and performance, and lingers in the mind thanks to its evocative depth and design alike.

Promising the thoughtful and relatable exploration of introspective ideas and reflections on the modern world, alongside enchanting guitar-led arrangements and intensely energising rhythms and details, the sound of Rusty Rickshaw acts as both an inspiration and celebration of unity and possibility. Their passion and precision combined makes the music both unique and impactful regardless of genre or audience. It’s an accessible and alluring style, and Tujh Mein is a mighty introduction. Listen loud.

“My heart doesn’t understand – Why have I lost the world.”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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